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100% Sterling Silver Ballpoint Pen

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Posted: 19/07/2007 
Post subject: 100% Sterling Silver Ballpoint Pen
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I have this pen and can't find anyone who can tell me it's worth. Here is a picture, and the background information directly from the designer and maker of this pen, Daniel Culver. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you! Oh, and look really closely at the detailed hand made design. I think it's beautiful.

The picture can be viewed here, it wouldn't load as an attachment.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I live in the mountains and my ISP is somewhat unreliable. Once I didn't return your email, it became easier and easier to tell myself later. Again sorry.
The pen you have is an early example of the smallest pen we ever made. The only pen model with a snap on cap. We never had a specific model name or number because at the time it was the only model being made.
I made that pen myself complete. The insert is the only outside part. The finish is hand engraving which I don't do normally. That particular pen was engraved by Jose Luis Campos (I can tell by the way it looks, each engraver has a special style his own), who also did work for Sunset Trails. Sunset Trails is a maker of sterling belt buckles and saddle hardware.
At the time I was also making sterling belt buckles in both western styles and contemporary styles. I still make contemporary buckles, as well as, pens, bowls, cups, chalices, trays, boxes and starting recently working with flatware.
I think I made about a total of 300 examples of that pen, definitely no more than 400. That pen was probably sold for between $900.00 and $1100.00, and the original owner probably bought it in Colorado, but, Texas or Santa Fe is possible as well.
The photos show it to be a well made example with a fully rounded tip to the barrel. Since they are completely hand made, I routinely had certain flaws or difficult areas to concentrate on, and in my own mind, I graded the pens based on certain characteristics. These particular spots had no effect on the actual value of the pens, but, I used them to judge myself and my work, and, yours' looks especially good.
Thank you,
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