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Silver Collector Forums


Shops Good shops for buying silver and silver related things… Books Good books on silver… Websites Good websites for learning about silver… Suggest a resource If you would like to suggest a resource for consideration by the moderators, you can do so here…
About the Resources category [Resources] (1)
800 silver hallmarks from early 1700s to c1930s [Suggest a resource] (1)
Silver Market Trends Website [Suggest a resource] (1)
Compendium of Scottish Silver [Websites] (3)
Sourcing Silver - Not At Auction [Suggest a resource] (1) - expert silver care advice [Websites] (1)
BSPGallery Bookshop [Shops] (6)
New Scottish Silver Book [Books] (4)
A good site to buy antique silver [Suggest a resource] (1)
Silver Cloth at only $8.95 a yard [Suggest a resource] (1)
Walker & Hall Silver Plate Date Letters [Suggest a resource] (6)
Walker & Hall Silver Plate Date Letters [Books] (2) - searchable database of hallmarks [Websites] (8)
STIEFF Silver. [Suggest a resource] (1)
Vintage silver charms and bracelets shop [Suggest a resource] (2)
Heritage Auction Galleries [Suggest a resource] (1)
American Silversmiths [Suggest a resource] (2) [Suggest a resource] (1)
Sterling Silver pages on Collectors Weekly [Suggest a resource] (1)
A useful search engine ... ? [Suggest a resource] (1)
The Victoria & Albert Museum's Silver Collection [Websites] (1)
Abe Books [Shops] (1) - for silversmiths and collectors [Websites] (1)
Silvermine - British Silver and Hallmarks [Websites] (1) - American Silver Marks [Websites] (1)