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12 x apostle spoons Swedish?

Hi All

Would love some help identifying these hallmarks, I thought the G with crown was Goteborg but I have no idea what the others are

Any help hugely appreciated.

Thanks so much


They are not Swedish. They are German from Hanau made by Wolf & Knell established in 1887. In 1914, they merged with Glaser so your spoons are probably manufactured between these dates.



you utter super star thank you SO much, my mama gave them to me and she was Swedish but with German cousins so maybe from that side. Anyway HUGE thanks :slight_smile:

May I ask another one ?

It’s a little silver pot that my Swedish granny gave me. Johanna

Again, it is not Swedish but this time Danish. Not all marks are clear but it was made in 1921 or 1922 by Christian F. Heise active between 1904 and 1932.


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Thank you so so much.