1725 Caster by Starling Wilford or Samuel Welder

Firstly i would like to give a massive thank you to Phil who identified the possible makers of this caster by checking on his own fantastic website,
I purchased this caster on a auction website and the seller said it was dated 1806 but after checking on Phil’s fantastic website that I visit most days for information regarding both dates and makers marks I thought it was 1725, One of the reasons being No duty marks and a upper case K with a rounded bottom longitudinal ,I noticed a either upper case W or M on the under side of the top part but never thought it would be identifiable,
I took a liberty and contacted Phil for his opinion and he came back to me and confirmed that it was dated 1725, he said there is normally a mark on the top half but from my photos he couldn’t see any,
I told him i had found either the Letter M or W and that i would send him photos , after i sent him the photos he immediately replied to my message and photos with a 99% positive Starling Wilford or Samuel Welder, ( Fantastic ), I have Two queries that i would appreciate any advise on, One is i would like to know about the lives of either or both of the above Silversmiths and the caster has got a insert / plug / filter so the caster has got three parts is it rare to have the inner finialed part.
Once again, Many thanks to topman Phil.
Kind regards,

Great detective work and a nice find!

Hello Dan,
Many thanks for your very kind words and I will add a couple more photos showing the letter W with Two pellets,
Would anybody know how rare it is to actually have the filter still with the caster?
Kind regards,

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