175 piece Sterling Place Setting

Attached are pictures of my Sterling Silver place setting. It was inherited from my grandmother and assuming she received it as a wedding present it would be from around 1900.

Hopefully the hallmarks are legible. I would like know the manufacturer, age, and any other details.

I would also like to know how best to proceed with its sale. The next generation don’t need or want this set.

I don’t know if you can get a clearer picture of the back where it says Sterling, I can’t make out what it says to the side of that. I do not think this is British, since it’s missing marks that would be present for that. I don’t know if it’s Gorham (as would be indicated by that tag), but I also do not think it is from them either. In the event you don’t know what the pieces are for, the forks left to right look like Salad, Dessert/Lunch, and Dinner. The spoons top to bottom are Dinner, Lunch/Dessert, Cream Soup, tea, demitasse, and bouillon. The knives are left to right Dinner, Lunch/Dessert, and individual butter spreader. That’s a pretty complete set per person if you have that many pieces for every setting. As far as value, once you can determine the maker, I’d look on eBay for sold sets of sterling with around that many pieces. It does not appear to have monograms, which helps with value. My best guess is that it’s an American manufacturer.

Will attempt to get a clearer image tomorrow and will forward the information.

I was able to get a better picture of the marks. Hope this helps. On the handle is 925 a letter R and a lion. On the knife blade it says possibly “The Howard Brand” at the top and"First Guaranteed Quality" across the bottom.

I think that is the mark of Roden Brothers of Toronto. Howards were probably specialist knife blade makers.


Would that mean it was manufactured in Canada? What does the 925 stand for? Does the pattern have a name?

Roden Brothers were taken over by the US company Birks but I assume that production remained in Canada. 925 is the numerical indication of sterling silver (925 parts per 1000 pure silver). I am sure that the pattern must have a name but I have no idea where you might find it. An internet search for “Roden Bros sterling patterns” might be a starting point.

Thanks very much for the information. It’s much appreciated.