17th century Irish salver

From my research, I believe if this salver is what it pertains to be, it would be a very rare example of an early flat three footed salver of the period. The marks though quite worn seem to be that of a James Weldon who died in 1704, it was assayed in Dublin with the clearest mark being the harp topped with the crown. The date letter if the maker’s mark is correct is most likely 1694. My research shows that this type of multi footed salver only came into it’s own around 1720 replacing the tazza style. Certainly the style and decoration is correct with the border gadrooning and diameter of around 12.5 inches. Also I believe the claw and ball foot was in use at that time as well. I’ve attached pics fro your review…
IMG_0399 (2).JPG

this is an image of the date letter which I was unable to attached in my last posting.


Here’s a reference to the maker’s mark. Initially I thought it to be that of Joseph Walker which is the mark half way down the middle column but on closer inspection and seeing images online the mark is that of James Weldon (or Welding as the have listed here)

makers marks.jpg