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1808 Spoon Maker


I have a spoon, dated 1808, and the makers stamp is JG. I am having trouble determining who that maker is.

Here are the hallmarks:

I can’t find any maker with a date range that covers 1808 from sources

I am assuming it’s probably a London spoon as I read somewhere that they sometimes left the town mark off in around this period.

Any ideas?


I believe that this is an Exeter mark for 1809 with the maker being Joseph Goss. London was not the only assay office to leave off their own mark, Exeter was also guilty. You will note that the form of the date letter and duty punches matches Exeter better than London.

As an aside, may I use your picture on my site as an example of Goss’s mark? It’s much better than the one I have at present.

Yes, please feel free to use the image and thanks again for the id.

So, it looks like it could be my first Exeter spoon! You note about the form of the duty stamp. I haven’t found references online that show any Exter duty stamps - is there one you know about?


No, I don’t think that there is an online list which shows the changes properly, but this 3-lobed form was used from the beginning of this date letter cycle in 1797 until 1810 when it was replaced by an oval punch.

Just found this:

Pity that site doesn’t have similar pages for other towns are it would be a useful extra resource for identification.