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1809 Dublin PW Spoon-engraving QUEEN holding a SEVERED HEAD!

I found a unique serving spoon. I have identified that it is a Philip Weekes(PW) from Dublin city and 9.25% sterling(Harp and crown + Hiberian), during the reign of King George III ( the head portrait) and dated 1809.( the shield with a N).
The spoon weighs 200 gms and is 13 inches long.
The puzzling thing is the engraving on the handle of the spoon!! There must be a story behind it and I would love to know if anyone know more about it!!
There is an elegant woman in a flowing robe with folds and detail- There is a very large crown suspended over her head.(at least 10 times larger than her head) The crown is very ornate with 5 balls on top, 6 flags, some sort of leaf on top, and lots of etching and detail. The woman is standing on a small platform and although her robe/dress is long her feet are visible. Her hair is upswept and her neck is long. Her facial expression is very serious( 2 eyes, a nose, and a small mouth-no smile)
Here is were it gets weird!! in her right hand she is holding a scythe- it is resting on the platform next to her, but she is holding the handle.
In her left hand, also held down by her side, is a severed head!! It is obviously a man with a sort of turban hat and a full beard. He has 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth. His expression is almost identical to the womans…
Please email me if you know anything of this unusual and kind of creepy engraving. I am also interested in a value if anyone has any idea.
Thank you!!
I tried to download pictures, but having difficulty because I have too many pixels. Please feel free to email me and I can send pics directly.

The design you describe is most likely a family armourial of the original owner. If you have plenty of time on your hands there is an online copy of Fairbairn’s Crests which you could try looking through to find it.

A spoon of that size is normally called a Basting Spoon or Gravy Spoon. You could check eBay’s completed auctions to get an idea of value. Note that Irish silver is normally a bit more valuable than London-assayed examples.