1899 Silver Ladies Engraved Pin LIZZIE

I have a small nearly 2" silver pin that I have come to the following conclusions on, based on the photo of the hallmarks that I have attached.

Could someone offer their opinion of these marks and whether or not I am any where near the information I believe it to be?

First, I have determined this to be British hallmarks.

Makers Mark: The first mark is the initial T which is in a shield type cartouch and the T seems to be follwed by an A, although it is too worn for me to be sure. The T is an unusually shaped letter T. In reviewing E.,J. Trevitt & Sons makers marks, the T is a spot on match.

Assay Marks: The Lion Passant is there, although “underneath” a connected double diamond cartouche over/above it with the letters A and S within them. However, with the Lion Passant I am taking this as 925 Silver. The A and S could possibly be the initials of Augusta Street in Birmingham where E.J. Trevitt & Sonds were located in approximately 1900. Or perhaps it is the makers mark of one of the sons?

Next is a mark of the sword within the shield cartouch and is clearly the mark for Chester, England which was used from 1701-1962.

Chester Date Mark The last mark is a capital Q. This is, I am guessing, to be the Chester Date Letter Mark. This style of the letter Q appears to be the date of 1899.

So, I belive this to be a .925 silver ladies pin engraved for a woman named “LIZZIE” in 1899 in the city of Chester, England and made by E.j. Trevitt & Sons specifically the makers initials are A.S. ?

Does anyone have a comment to assist me. This is a beautiful old silver pin and is only missing the back straight pin as the C clasp and barrel for the pin are still intact.

God Bless to You All andYours,
Silver Lizzie Pin.jpg