2 Silver goblets marked India

I have a 2 silver goblets that I do not know the value of, or the markings. I don’t know a whole lot about silver in general. These 2 cups are so suprisingly similiar yet so different when you look at the small difference in heights, very similar patterns, but very different up close. One has a marking that says what looks like “ZY INDIA WORLD cir 17”, and the other one has the same marking it looks like, but it looks as if the stamping failed halfway, maybe worn but I don’t know. There are no other markings on it. I would also have to believe these were done by hand because of the differences in the pattern. They weigh somewhere between 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per cup. I would like to know who makes these and what they may be worth. Thank you.
PS, I am having trouble putting pictures on here for some reason, you can email me if you need pictures. Chrissa001@yahoo.com