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A nice Vesta Case , but what is the mark ?

It must be a foreign mark , any one any ideas please ? I am stumped .

I’ve seen a few of these recently on ebay/uk attributed to Norwegian manufacturers David-Andersen. This mark was used between 1888 to 1925. There’s more info on Hope this helps.

What metal is this Vesta … Is it Silver Gilt ?

My reason for querying is, having visited the WEB site, it implies that the Makers Mark should also be accompanied by a Purity Mark (the purity being 830 for the period of this David-Andersen mark).

I have an identical vesta in my possession but it just has the Mark as shown in the photo, no purity #. So is it Silver … or do you not need to include the purity on Gilded items ?
Can anyone help ?

I am guessing from the information on that the left hand character of the David-Andersen Makers Mark is ‘S’ for Sterling Silver (in this particular case lying down due to the thinness of the lip it is on). Is that correct and therefore is that sufficient on its own ?

Any help would be appreciated.