albert chain

Hi, im in need of help to identify the maker of this chain & its correct date. The makers initials are G.E.G. After searching the net i’ve had no luck finding the maker,any help would be most helpfull.

Unless you can post a picture with the date letter clearly visible it will be impossible to give you any more information. Even then it may not be possible as there may be difficulty deciding which assay office it is - probably Birmingham or London - and hence deriving the date. I have checked my references and cannot find a likely candidate for GEG so that too may not yield a result.

I believe G.E.G. Is early 1900’s
and it looks like a British Mark

Thanks for the updated pictures. The date letter is Birmingham 1892. Unfortunately there are no comprehensive sources for Birmingham makers of this period. The Birmingham Assay Office has a good online site for earlier makers but they haven’t got to the 1890s and GEG did not register his mark in Chester as did many of his contemporaries.

Thank you for the replys to my query of maker & date of chain. Now you’ve pointed it out (silver),i can now see date stamp is 1892, i thought the date mark was a (g), but now you pointed it out your 100% correct with your date for chain. I shall now endevour to try & find who made it. Thanks again for any help given on this item.

hi, i’ve just noticed your albert chain and i am sure it is birmingham 1892 made by george edward gee, 58 tenby street north, birmingham.If you are interested in selling it please let me know.