Antique massive silver candelabra

Please help with dating and identification of silver candelabra. High is approximately 1 meter; I could not find any signature (manufacture hallmarks etc).
Thanks in advance for any information.

Some details in HD.

Without any marks it is impossible to tell. We normally operate with the simple rule that no marks mean it is most likely not made of silver. There are signs of discoloration in your pictures which may just be tarnish, but which could equally well be the beginnings of a breakdown of a plate layer.

Yes,as I wrote an introductory,not stamped but I checked at local Bureau of Testing and Measurements - the result is a silver fineness of approximately 0.800
The candelabra was made ​​by order,my assumption is based on the origin and archive.
Origin property,Southern Italy,the second half of the nineteenth century.

If nothing else, I would be grateful if someone showed me a similar item and similar proportions.

Best regards

nobody makes a piece like this in silver without marks. So look again. The marks are there.
In case you dont find any marks I would say that those who tested - only tested surface. I.e plated.

Marks are most likely hidden in the ornament - and they could be very small - sometimes you would have to look for hours to find.
To give an idea where to look

marks could be located in the buttom of such a “bottom” of this - the part shown represent 3 different hidingplaces. If you understand what I mean by “buttom”

But NOBODY makes something like this in silver without halmarks. NOBODY!

ps style would be Napoleon III

Okay, I’ll try once more to find hallmarks, from top to bottom.

The Style looks french to me, but that’s only at a guess. The fleur de lis pattern design could be a possible clue, that’s if there is no markings. What surprises me, is that you say they are no markings.

When you consider the actual size of the piece I am enclined to agree that the markings could be hidden in an unusual area. You might have to go around it methodically with a magnifying glass. Sorry I can’t be of any more help. Silver is not my forte. A very nice piece though! :slight_smile: