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Antique Silver Cannister? Tea ? Candle

Hello There,

I have this item, but do not know what it is. I cannot find any hallmark on it either. The craftsmanship leads me ot belive that it is rather old.

I had trouble loading my pictures to this post, so here is a link to 4 photos of this item.

It has a removable lid that looks sort of like the plug on the underside of a piggy bank

Thank you so much for any help and insight as to what I have here… … fsily.jpg/

Anyone,…anyon ??? Thank you

Heck, I’ll take a wild guess…some sort of incense burner?

Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic…

Perhaps it s a potpourri. That said, I have to wonder about the grape and grape leaf design and if it is significant of some other purpose from another culture. BTW, what are the measurements?