Antique Tankard but is it silver?

Hi there

I am thinking about buying this as my first antique however I have ALOT to learn about hallmarks. Searching the internet only confused matters so I am hoping some kind sole here could point me in the right direction. Also if possible a max price to pay for it?

Thanks in advance !!! :smiley:

Hi John,
The picture strongly suggest pewter to me. Probably, given the size, some kind of measure for spirits. Iā€™m not familiar with pewter marks but COTTERELLS OLD PEWTER is a reference work which may help.

If this piece is silver it has marks which bear no similarity to any with which Iā€™m familiar.

I hope this helps put you on the right track.

Hi Tony

Thanks alot for the information. I will look further into it. So interesting trying to find out about an item. I think I am going to like this antiques collecting. Im english but live in Norway so hoping I can either buy from the UK and sell here or vice versa.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: