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My hubby & I got this little tea pot stuffed in a box at an auction. We would like more information on it. I simply love this piece. Once the tarnish was cleaned, it is such a great piece.

I could not get a clear view with my camera of the bottom markings but here they are:

International Silver Co
silver soldered
14 oz [50]
Patent 116250
Patent 1637853

The lettering on the front of pot is:


Thank you for the help.

Kam & Troy Allison

Hi there Kam and thanks for joining us. Your pot is American and silver plated. The “silver soldered” mark was one of the silverplate marks used by International. The marking on the front is a monogram or some sort. My date guess would be mid 20th century.


Uncle Vic

Hello there Uncle Vic,

I have been doing research on this piece since I posted the picture on the site. I have found a few details that are really interesting to me.

My curiosity got the better of me & I seemed to have started a journey for myself. :smiley:

The monogram on the front is from the Pennsylvania Railroad. The pot was a server in their dining cart. I’m not sure of the time frame yet but I’m still working on it. They used silver and silver plated pots like this to serve their travelers. Also, they used very beautiful fine china to serve their travelers.

I will keep you posted on any new information. I have found a few items that were similar on ebay but only 1 that is the almost exact replica of the one I have. The difference was there was lip on the spout and theirs came with a server tray which the pot sits on. They have their item listed at $99.

I love this little pot & I do believe I might have a new hobby on my hands.

I love auctions & you just never know what you might find. Not bad for being stuffed in a box of junk for $20. I knew when I saw it, that I like the vintage look of it.

Thanks for the information.

Kam Allison

Good info, Kam. Yes indeed, many railroads and most good hotels had their own tableware, including silver, and collecting it is very popular.

When I was a child I would now and then travel with my father from our home here in south Louisiana to New York City where he had business and we would ride the trains from New Orleans to Chicago, then to New York. I remember the fancy plates with the railroads’ logos. My dad returned from one trip with a story about sitting at the same table in the dining car with a very famous movie star and their conversation. We asked what the movie star had said to our dad…“Pass the salt”…


Uncle Vic