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Any Ideas?

Found this while clearing out the attic.
Has inscription which reads:-
Presented to Mr & Mrs C.T.Hammill
By Pool. Carn Brea
St John’s Ambulance Team
May 4th 1914

No idea who these people were or how this came to be in our family.
Have taken a couple of pics but cant get a good closeup of the mark on the bottom.
Obviously a trophy, but thats all i know about it. Any ideas?

Can you confirm what the lettering is on the marks? It looks to me like “WMF” “EP” and “NS”.

Yes, thats what it reads, asume this means it is electroplated nickelsiver?

Yes, I think so. WMF is normally the German company Wurttembergische Metallwaren Fabrik, but I haven’t seen any illustrations of marks including EPNS (which is English rather than German).

Although I collect certain WMF items, I haven’t seen any (as stated here, around WW1) with that specific WMF mark.
I do have some items with addtional marks in the manner shown, but, from research, & for further info, other additional WMF marks could include: -

MB - Partly brass/Britannia-metal
B - Britannia-metal
O - extra thick silver coating
I/O - regular silver coating
OX - Oxidized.
AS - antique silver finish
ZG - fancy gilt
GG - entirely gilt
GO - parcel gilt
BG - gilt base
IG - gilt interior
M - brass
N or NS - nickel silver
Brass, Copper - export marks
EP - electro plated

As i say, just FYI :slight_smile:


Not a collector of this sort of thing. Is it worth anthing do you think if i put it on ebay?

It’s a fairly handsome item so somebody will buy it, but EPNS and a lengthy inscription both count against it. I would not care to take a guess at what it might make.