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Anybody hazard a guess

Just wondered if anybody can identify these objects? They are Chinese silver. They measure 5cm wide and 5cm tall. Could they be small cups? Any help would be appreciated.
Suzanne :confused:

Does anybody every answer any questions on this site? I just thought this might start some conversation.
Suzanne :unamused:

Probably nobody has any ideas - I don’t…

I have noted, though, that we don’t seem to have many people willing to respond or give opinions. So to all of you out there, don’t just lurk, contribute.

Yay another human being. Thank you for responding.

I have no idea - what so ever - regarding chinese silver.
European I can answer. But also in that case Picture of marks are requered.

I think that in chinese its also a good idea with Picture of mark.

Hi flynnysz
This is only my opinion but I would hazard a guess, as it is Chinese silver and with the beveled edges it looks to me like incense burners.