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anyone know Regal Silver, NY NY?

hi everybody - i know this is not the right forum for this question, i couldn’t find an exact fit! i have a 3 pc dresser (vanity) set from Regal Silver, NY NY. been trying to find info on the company - lists them with a few items, mfr status unknown. tried the site to no avail - tried new york yellow pages directory but no current listing for them. any info would be much appreciated! thanks, bobbie

Hello Bobbie -

Rainwater lists the Majestic Silver Company as having been founded in 1910 as the Regal Silver Manufacturing Company. They don’t seem to have retained the original name for very long, but “…in the early 1930’s a separate related firm, The Regal Specialty Mfg. Co., began the manufacture of silverplate and stainless steel flatware.” Both of these companies are isted in New Haven, CT rather than NY, but no location is given for the original Regal Silver company.


thank you, lisa! Google had no info except for the replacements link - so… seems the company seems to be a bit of a mystery! bobbie