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Apostle spoon found in my local woods

Hi guys

New to this forum but glad to be here now :slight_smile:

I found this spoon in the woods whilst metal detecting:

It has the Hallmark EPNS on the back, this is all I know. Please could someone help me identify this spoon and let me know if it has some importance or whether it is just simply a silver plated spoon.

Many thanks

Sorry but I didn’t have time to workout how to post images direct to the page, please click on links.

EPNS = ElectroPlated Nickel Silver so it is (or rather was) just silver plated. Now it just looks rather sorry with severe plating loss and corrosion damage to the underlying base metal. My advice would be to keep it as a curio or throw it in the bin.

Even with damage I thought it would be worth a post just in case it was some rare spoon made part of a limited collection.

Yes, always worth a question, but this looks like a standard apostle spoon with no distinguishing features.