Apostole silver spoon identification

I received a gift from friend and I wonder what period that can be made.
Is this a good path?

The date letter is N - 1768.


Thank you!
Can you name the city?
I though it was D or O :slight_smile:

It’s London, but I thought you knew as you copied the maker’s mark image from my web site.

The date letters in question are:

D, 1759:

N, 1768:

O, 1769:

Thank you very very much.
I hope you didnt find it as unpolite to copy that image but I just wanted to be sure that my way of thinking was right. I was not sure that its S.J as on photo.
That marks are hard to be viewed clearly.
So it’s S.J who made it , London around 1759-69.
Many thanks.

Yes, made by SJ, but we don’t know who he was. And the date is definitely 1768. You were not at all impolite - it’s nice to know that my site is being useful!