Art Deco Pendant. Diamonds?

I was given this pendant as a present from a 90+ year old lady a few years ago. She had it bought as a gift from her husband for the 1st christmas of their marriage and it was purchased from a jewellers in Leeds around 1930. I dont know if the clear stones are diamonds? The large stone in the middle is quite pale blue in colour. I believe that the pearl is real. I think the hallmarks say ‘925’ & ‘FWA’? Hopefully you will be able to give me more information. The pictures look a bit squashed due to being made smaller. Thanks

no one got any idea at all? So intrigued about this piece!

its silver, 925 indicates that. And im guessing u may know that however the makers mark i dont know, to be honest i only like a full set of hallmarks haha. Diamonds however… It’s impossible to tell from a picture, and indeed hard to tell in person. There shuldnt be too much colour reflecting in diamonds, a little is ok, but if you hold to the light and masses of colour reflects theyre are most likely CZ’s or a different alternative. If you take it to a jewellers they will tell u in a matter of minutes if theyre diamonds. I like it! Shame no one really wears this type of thing nowdays.

I had a hospital appointment this morning and i was wearing this necklace. The nurse commented on how lovely the necklace was and said that one of the doctors knew quite alot about jewellery as his family who live in the middle east are in the jewellery trade. The doctor took a look at it and said that it was probably made in Turkey or Israel or maybe somewhere like Singapore. He said that the large stone was semi precious and the white stones around the side maybe something like Zircon. Also he said that it would be desired more for the fact that it is handmade.