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At last!


At last, a British silver forum! I’ve frequented the two American silver forums for too long and it’s wonderful to see a silver forum from the home of Sterling silver and administered by none other than one of the Franks (and so humbly presented too). Huzzar!

I realise these are formative days, but I believe this forum will develop steadily and hopefully its main focus will be on British and Irish silver. Britain and Ireland boast some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on silver and it would be tremendous if some of them would contribute to this forum. Perhaps a few could even be persuaded to submit articles on their area of expertise.

Hallmarks are covered elsewhere on the web, but most are lightweight, plagiarised articles. It would be fabulous to have one of “our” experts write the definitive article on the topic (along with some of the peculiarities and pitfalls of hallmark identification).

I inherited a number of large and small silver pieces many years ago, but I’ve only been actively collecting 18th century/George III Sterling silver for around six years. Unfortunately my silver budget isn’t large, but I thoroughly enjoy every single piece I purchase.

Thank you so much for providing this forum and keep up the Sterling work.


Thanks for the enthusiastic response and welcome to the forum!

I like your idea of user submitted articles. Our vision for the future is that silver-collector will become a knowledge repository rather than a mark identifying service and I think user submitted articles could be a key component of this.

I agree that UK and Irish silver are fascinating areas for collectors and it would be great if silver-collector attracts an active group of contributors with interests in these areas. That said, I hope silver-collector will be useful to collectors of all types and origins of silverware. Our number one contributor is Uncle Vic and his knowledge and enthusiasm for American silver has been key to the early success we have seen.

Thanks for your excellent posts elsewhere on the forum (I moved your photography post to the photography section). I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Welcome to the team!

Regards / Jonathan