Atkins Brothers Cutlery markings

Hello. I have a canteen of cutlery that I’m trying to restore and I’ve had to buy replacement spoons but the markings don’t quite match up. My original has EPA and the replacement has EPB.
The EPA have a yellowish tone and the EPA silver. The canteen has been in the family a long time so I’m not sure if its just age with the colouring or if they have a different kind of plating on them. I know that EP stands for Electroinic Plate.
I’ve googled EPA and EPB and am just getting stuff about football !!

EP is actually Electroplate. Platers often used alphabetical designations for plating quality; A1 for top quality, A for the next quality, etc, so it is possible that the difference between EPA and EPB is simply plate quality. The colour difference may be down to the age of the plating with more base metal showing through on one. Electroplate comprises a microscopically thin layer of pure silver on a base metal so EPA and EPB will originally have had exactly the same surface coating.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.
I was hoping I’d just have to send off some of spoons to be restored but I think based on your info I’ll send the whole lot, as it will be a wedding present I want it to be tip top.
Many thanks Anne