British Silver in India

I collect rifle shooting ephemera and memorabilia. Over the years I have acquired a few items related to the British presence in India prior ro the Second World War. These are varied silver and include a matchbox holder commissioned by The Bombay Customs Miniature Rifle Club, a teaspoon from the Mysore Mine Miniature Rifle Club and a 3 table forks (plated) produced for the Bombay Miniature Rifle Club.

What I find interesting and seek to understand the reason for is; why are all these items made by British makers and where appropriate bear English hallmarks? Indian silver has long tradition so what were the compelling reasons for ordering these items from Britain and not sourcing them locally? Communication and transport was a lengthy process then, why not buy locally?

Any thoughts?

Why would the ruling class buy locally when they could get the genuine, fineness-guaranteed article from home? What we think of now as a lengthy process for getting items delivered from Britain was perfectly normal then…