Button Hook - Strange Mark

Hi all

Just got this from eBay and paid the princely sum of AU$9.99. Just wondering if anyone can decipher the strange stamp next to the makers mark, Am wondering if it is silver or pewter as it is definitely not plated.

What do the experts think?

SAM_0737 (500x375).jpg
SAM_0736 (500x375).jpg

Hi Jase (or G’day from one aussie to another!),

Its a bit hard to get a good look, but I think you might have a piece of Chinese Export Silver. From a distance the handle looks like it might be Chinese (is it bamboo shoots on the handle?) and that would mean the second symbol is a chinese symbol. There was a Wing Chun working in Hong Kong around the turn of the last century, but I cant see his mark.

I reckon its a good deal at $9.99!


Yes the marks on the handle look like bamboo. Probably should have posted some better shots shouldn’t I…lol.

Thanks Ben.