C F Kees / Archibald Klement

Hello all

I have just joined the site in the hope that somebody may be able to help with information on a piece that I have come by and would love to know more about.

I bought a cocktail shaker at auction the other day in a country sale in the middle of nowhere, Southern England. The shaker is in the shape of the Boston Lighthouse and is essentially the same as those made by International Silver Company in 1927 (christies.com/lotfinder/lot/ … ID=4549360) but does not have their mark on the base but instead it has a mark of two crossed keys.


From what I can make out from various internet searches this looks a lot like the mark of C F Kees succeeded by Archibald, Klement Co. c. 1909. This and the fact that the company was based in Newark, NJ in the early 20th century is just about all I have found.

I am aware that a company called Restoration Hardware reproduced these shakers a few years ago but from what I can tell these had “Restoration Hardware” stamped on the base so I am doubting it is one of these.

I guess my question is, do you think that my identification of the mark is correct and is the piece an “old” reproduction of the 1927 original or something more recent?

I would really appreciate any help that you can be on this and look forward to hearing your thoughts!