Came across going through moms items

I have the markings of a crown and “EL” on the bottoms of 8 wine glasses from De Uberli Italy. What is, if any, the type of silver and how much would they sell for?

If the only marks are those you describe the drinking vessels are not silver. Italy has a strict hallmarking system so any Italian silver should show these hallmarks. I suspect they are electroplated so a good quality silver polish should bring them back to a good state of shine.

Value is not going to be anything special. To get an idea try Ebay’s “sold” listings.


All the marks on the bottom of them have etched: the crown, then the EL initials, the name of the item (De Uberli) and Italy (in that order). I have a total of 8 of them. I have checked on ebay and some are going for $80. Yes, I agree, they need to be cleaned up but wanted to check to see if it’s something of importance or not before putting effort into cleaning them. :slight_smile: