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Can a silver friend identify these for me please?

Hello silver friends!
I’m finally getting round to sorting a lot of silver my parents passed on to me, and I am struggling with a handful of hallmarks. Please may you help me? I attach pictures of the ones I can’t definitely identify.
Many thanks in advance,

And I have just added one more which I forgot to add last time - thanks again in advance for your help.


  1. London 1901, Horace Woodward & Co Ltd
  2. Birmingham 1795 (or possibly 1821), IT is unknown but may be John Thornton or John Turner
  3. Sheffield 1945, Roberts & Belk Ltd

You may find useful.


Dear Phil - thank you so much - I sort of had them right - but nice to have someone elso who is clearly so confident! I’ve added one more mark in case you could solve that one for me - I’m thinking it might be 1817 David Hennell II but not sure - what do you think?

Your extra mark is London 1737 with the mark of David Hennel I - this version of his mark was registered in 1736 and is not shown on my silvermakersmarks web site.