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Can anyone help please?

My grandad gave me this a few years back before he passed away, could anyone tell me anything about it please? Or was he just having me on.

It looks like a silver St Christopher medal but you images are too blurred to make out the bit under “SILVER”. See if you can get an in-focus image.


Hi thank you for your quick reply I’ll send another picture now it looks like a C J M

It’s GJLTD (the TD as superscipts) for Georg Jensen Ltd. They are a Danish company with a branch in London. Their pieces are generally well sought after.

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Oh ok that makes a bit more sense. I mean I don’t really have much use for it can you advise any valuation on it?
Many thanks

A similar one sold recently on Ebay for £19.21 but it also had a chain and was boxed.

I agree it’s a St Christopher medal. When I grew up 50s and 60s many of us wore them and most of the better ones were Sterling Silver.