Can anyone help to identify?

Hi we have just inherited this tea/coffee set ? it was bought in the uk around late 1950’s its been in the States for the last 60 years can anyone give us an indication of what it is ? there are four stamps an RC mark and a lion , a lion face , and a lower case a

many thanks

This is a London hallmark, the components of which are:

  • lion passant, the standard mark for sterling silver
  • uncrowned leopard’s head, the particular mark of the London Assay Office
  • date letter “a” for the assay year 1956/57

“RC” is the maker’s, or more correctly, sponsor’s mark and is that of William Comyns & Sons Ltd represented at this period by Richard Comyns, the head of the company.


thanks Phil , we also inherited a canteen of cutlery which is , we believe ,Queen Anne ive attached some photos of that .Can you give us any insight on this ?

best Regards


Hi Phil
im not sure my first reply showed the hallmarks on the canteen of ctlery so ive sent it again
We think this should be insured but have little knowledge of its value or even that of the tea set that you identified for us



The image shows a London silver hallmark with the date letter U for 1815. TB is Thomas Wilkes Barker. If the rest of the set also has silver hallmarks then it probably should be insured.