Can anyone help with identification

This hallmark is on a plate from 1862 can anyone tell me what it is please

Thanks Richard

What makes you think it dates from 1862? Is there a hallmark? If so please post a picture of it. The marks in your picture are a bit small and indistinguishable. Can you get a close up?

I cant post a larger picture as it wont let me increase the size date at the bottom of plate is 27th Sep 1862

I took two other pictures that may be clearer hope this helps the last hallmark is a three second is some sort of a square with across on top
hallmark 22.jpg
hallmark 12.jpg

From the inscription I have to conclude that your plate is English. However the marks are not silver hallmarks so it cannot be solid silver. I therefore conclude it must be plated. Unfortunately I am unable to find any record of this mark in my references for both Old Sheffield Plate and electroplate. The annoying thing is that I’m sure I’ve seen this before somewhere…

Ok thanks Holderness is in east Yorkshire so maybe Sheffield is a link. I was told by a local jeweler it was silver but seems not to be