Can anyone identify the hallmarks from this set of 6 knives

Can anyone identify the hallmarks from this set of 6 knives and forks?

Much appreciated if anyone has any suggestions.


hallmark for knife.jpg

Hello Elena,
I saw your post and started looking through some sites just to see if I could find anything. I found one mark that might be a match for the second mark on your pieces. I’m not very sure about it but take a look at the “Heilbronn” City mark (German silver). The picture I found is at

I think yours looks similar to this city mark, especially considering that yours might be slightly worn.

Also take a look at the silverplate marks on the same site. There were a few makers’ marks that had one symbol in the sequence that resembled yours. Those makers were British (example is Deykin & Sons, the first mark). I don’t know if this helps or not.

Hi Elena and Ellis
Sorry I haven’t replied before this but I must have missed this string.
The mark is actually a Close Plate mark for J Gilbert, who was based in Birmingham, around 1812.
Close plate was the method of silverplating steel (the PS mark at the end of the line of marks standing for Plated Steel).

Hope that helps

If you have a magnet handy you can easily check if it’s plated steel - it will respond to the magnet.