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Can anyone identify these hallmarks?

Hi. I have what looks like a very old silver cup. It is very tarnished - almost black in places.

It has these hallmarks on the base. Before and after cleaning. Just can’t make them out enough to identify them or the maker. Can anyone bring their experience to bear on them? (Sorry, the site will only allow me to upload the one file!)

Thanks in anticipation. John W.

Although the manufacturer’s mark (on the left in your picture) is incomplete I recognise it as RH over RH, the mark of Richard Hodd & Son of London. Of the other marks, between the fleur-de-lis and the crown are the letters EP indicating electroplate - so your cup is not silver.


Ah, that’s an ‘E’ is it?! No way would I have ever made it out as that.

I see the RH over RH now, though. (It’s clearer having cleaned it up a bit.)

So, I won’t waste my time and polish cleaning the rest of it then!

Many thanks, Phil! Case closed.