can anyone tell me what this mini silver mug really is???

hi there,
i am a first timer to your site, and i was wondering if anyone can help me with this little piece.
i found it in woeful condition in the local “antique”/junk shop.
research tells me it is probably silver, possibly german or eastern european…but what it is or is for i have no idea.
dimensions 3.8cm high,…3.1cm base diameter…3.5cm top rim diameter
any help will be much appreciated.
silver mug 0021 close.jpg
silver mug 0031 cropped.jpg

That DAHM mark was used by Jacob Diedrich Dahm of Grodno, Lithuania. He worked in the late 18th-early 19th centuries. His son and successor Teodor Albert Dahm may have also used that mark.

I don’t know much about Lithuanian culture, so I have no idea of what the cup was used for.

g’day snuffer,
thankyou muchly for that info, so i guess it is silver. lovely!!
perhaps there is a lithuanian silver colector out there???
i would love to know more about it.

I would guess that it is for Snaps or as we are in Earstern Europe Vodka.


g’day hose_dk,
it did cross my mind that it was the right size for a shot of liquor…although my friend argued that it was the right size for a “shot” of milk for his tea.
i reckon you are probably right, but if anyone has any other bright ideas i would like to hear them.
again, many thanks.