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Can someone help me with this Silver Squirrel I have..

Hello everyone and thanks for looking.

many years ago after my nana passed away, in 1999.
we were clearing out her house, and I was aloud to pick afew things out,
and a small silver squirrel about 3 inches tall caught my eye.

The thing is I’ve been wanting to find out more about it, and so I asked my dad about it, and he said it was a keepsake of my nans, from a friend, and this is all I know about it.

So I’ve been looking online for ‘silver squirrel’ and other simlar topics, but have not found anything on it yet.

And today I found this site, so I shall tell you more about it.

There are No markings, from what I can see on the squirrel, and I’m not sure of the date either, but my nana was 83 in 1999, when she passed away.

no idea when she got the squirrel either I’m afraid.

anyway, the squirrel is sitting, and it looks like he had something in his hands at some point, as its just the way he’s holding them and his feet too, being apart.

underneath, on the base, is a Black thin disc, which was pulled off by my nosy nephew, as I left the squirrel at my parents house… thinking it was safe, but I went to pick the squirrel up, and noticed it was missing :angry:

and there was a small perfume tester bottle shaped hole inside, but this was empty,
I looked around for the black seal/disc, which is about the size of a english 5 pence coin, the smaller new type.
anyway I found it in the bin, and my dad stuck it back on with superglue…i’m afraid…as didnt want to loose it.

apart from that, I can tell you no more about it, just that he’s the only thing thats still with me these days, which was from my nans back then.

here’s some photos of the squirrel, sorry about the photos, as they were taken with my mobile cam, only one to hand.

but really would like to know more about the little fellow, thank you.
hope someone can help.

again, sorry about the photos.

Markings are everything; if there are no marks to give us any sort of clue then we have to hope that somebody has seen something either exactly the same or at least very similar. We cannot even say whether it is silver or some other metal. If you want to know whether it is, or is not, silver you may be able to find a jeweller who will test it for you. Alternatively you can buy testing kits online (try “gold silver testing kit” as a search on eBay).