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Can someone help?

Hi ive come to acquire these and i have no idea what the markings means, could someone help out and let me know what they are. Many thanks :slight_smile:

The marks read [F] [&] [S] (HOWARD) [N] [S] {A}.

The NS bit means that the metal is nickel silver which is a base metal alloy like pewter. The A implies that the nickel silver is electroplated with a thin layer of pure silver. Manufacturers grade their electroplate as A1 = top quality, A = second quality, etc.

The manufacturers are either F&S or Howard, neither of whom are documented for certain. Assuming that your pieces are British, F&S could be Fattorini & Son of Bradford and Howard could be Francis Howard Ltd of Sheffield.


Hi Phil thanks for helping, really appreciate it :slight_smile: do you think that its worth anything or not really. I think ive got 8 spoons and 8 forks. Dont worry if your not sure.

Many thanks


Electroplate doesn’t have any particular value - useful as eating implements but no more than that.

Ah okay well thanks so much for your help really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Many thanks