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Can you help identify this plate

I have found this plate about 7 inch diameter, whilst carrying out some restoration work in my house ( built 1560). It has four marks and two crests. I think it is a London 1598 to 1820 though probably wrong. It was that black that I thought it was pewter until I saw the marks. It weighs in at almost 10 imp ounces.
Makers mark appear to be TL with two start and something else above and another mark center bottom. I do not know how to describe the next mark. The third mark is an early lions head and the fourth a lion rearing with the tail going forwards.
The first crest appears to be a shield with a bird with spanned wings above.
The second crest is a lion in a circle and has some lettering around the edge as simialr to the reverse side of an old florin.
Any information appreciated on maker , origin, age possible value.

The marks are not British silver hallmarks. Could it be pewter?

I have studied the marks and the one is the same as an early (pre 1820) London mark along with the lion, makes me think that it is silver. Could the TL be Thomas Lamborn

16th and 17th century London silver hallmarks comprise a crowned leopard’s head, a lion passant and a date letter. Your marks include none of these. The circular marks appear to be stamped into the metal, not engraved as I would expect for silver. Your plate is not London silver; I strongly suspect it is pewter.

i agree, pewter seems the right thing to assume it as. Pewter peices have ‘touchmarks’, and although not silver, pewter that is touchmarked is worth a nice price at an auction. Maybe a specialist in pewter can tell you dates etc of this item.

Here’s a possibility. I enhanced the picture of your mark for comparison.