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Can you help identify this tea set?

I dont have a way at the moment to post a picture but if anyone could tell me about the markings on the tea set we have I would appreciate it. The Portland, Primrose Plate, the letters E.P.B.M. and Made in Sheffield England. This set was given to my daughter bye and old friend from England. We are not sure what she has and thought we would start bye asking for help on this web site. Thank You[/b]

E.P.= Electro Plated
B.M… = Britannia Metal

Has nothing to do with silver. BMis the base metal looking like pewter - feels like pewter, but is much harder.
To make it look like silver we EP

Thank you Hose for the information. Im not sure what that is so I will have to do more research on Electo Plated Britannia Metal. You have a great day.