Cannot make out mark

We bought a covered butter dish (with glass insert) at an estate sale. There is a hallmark on the bottom - no other marks anywhere else that I can see.

Both the cover and the bottom a shiny and bright.

I can’t make out the first two characters, though I think the 2nd one could be an “R”. They are followed by an “S” and then a small crown. I have attached 2 pictures.

I’m curious about who made it and if it is silver or silver plate. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
2015-11-01 19.11.56.jpg

I can’t help with an ID but the first symbol, before the S, is a lion. It is almost certainly an American company and so, if it were silver, it would have “sterling” stamped somewhere. In the absence of such a stamp we have to assume it is electroplated.

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t think it would be anything special, but was intrigued by the mark.