Catholic Silverware

Hi, I have 3 Silver items that I would really like to know the correct names for, and what they would have been used for.
They appear to be from the Catholic Church.
Would it also be able to date them?
Hope someone in the group can assist.
Thank you
Calice Main (2)
Chalice Stamp main (2)
Chalice stamp plate (2)

Cbous main (2)

Box 1 stamp (2)
Box 2 stamps (2)
Box weight (2)

The 2 in your first picture are the chalice (for communion wine) and paten for the communion bread. The third piece is to hold anointing oil and is called a stock.

The chalice and paten have the maker’s mark of A R Mowbray & Co Ltd with a London hallmark showing that they were assayed during the assay year 1939/40.

The stock also has a London hallmark, this time with the date letter e for 1920/21. Unfortunately your picture is not clear enough to make out the maker’s mark.

I can’t work out what your last pictures are on but they also show the maker’s mark of A R Mowbray & Co, here with the date letter s for 1933/34.


Thanks Phil
Much appreciated. Now I know what the items are called.
The last item is just a silver box with the cross mark on top.

Thank you