'Cave Ad Sum' forks

Would be delighted to hear from anyone who can shed light on this fork … on the front there’s an odd crest + motto ‘Cave Ad Sum’ and on the back the marks as shown (which I know very little about!)

Although I cannot identify the manufacturer I can say that these marks are typical of an elecroplater’s marks. There are many undocumented electroplaters and this is one of those. Your fork is not therefore silver.

Many thanks. Helpful if a tad disappointing!

worth about £100-120

I regret to say that Michael does not appear to know what he is talking about. The fork is worth practically nothing.

I would say if ‘Michael’ wants to pay the lady £100-£120 for it - then i think she has a deal!

I’m no expert, but Cave ad sum is the Jardine Clan motto (Beware I am here); and the star shaped design looks very like their crest.

Thanks to everyone for the advice.

Yes, I thought that ‘Cave Ad Sum’ might be the Jardine motto. So then I’m wondering if the forks are genuine, why haven’t they stretched to something a bit better than electroplating?! All very curious and I’m interested to get to the bottom of the story even if the forks are heirlooms…