Charity Shop Find!! with lots of pics.

Hi All,

I’m completely new to what silver is worth but appreciate fine craftsmanship when I see it.

Nevertheless I would like to pick the brains of any would be/actual experts :laughing: to test what these knives and forks may be worth before putting then in an auction.

Please excuse my brashness, I do appreciate silversmith’s and their amazing telent but am interested in value (if any!!), simply because they have no personal meaning for me.

Thank you for reading and your help.

Signed - a complete amature x :smiley:

the pics can be viewed at this address: … noon_tea_/ [/url]

The answer is “not a huge amount” as they appear to be electroplate or nickel silver rather than solid silver. I’m not sure about JR GR, but HB&H is Harrison Brothers and Howson of Sheffield.