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Charles Lyster & Son ? Ring

Found it very hard to get good photos of marks inside the ring but have included.
Through loupe can make out much better.
2 sets of stamps C.L&S , Other set “9ct on Silver”.
If it is Charles Lyster & Son i wasnt aware they did Gold on Silver items so very hard to date if it is them , the gold on the band has worn away but is still prevelant on the face with minor gold wear around the edges. My best guess is Circa 1920-1930. As usual any input most appreciated.

Without an assay mark, and only going on the coincidence of the initials, it is impossible to attribute this mark to any known maker - or even to say for sure what country it’s from.

If you are just looking for companies with the right initials you might also like to consider Charles Lucas & Son of Vyse Street, Birmingham. They registered several marks at Chester from 1933 onwards although none were of this incuse form. However in their 1933 registration they described themselves as “manufacturing ring makers”.


Hi Phil , yes Charles Lucas & Son seems more the likely now you have pointed this out to me. , The ring came from England in a Joblot several years ago ,so seems quite possible.