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Christening set - OR, so I think?

Hi I have a silver spoon and fork in a box. I beleive it is soild silver I have purchased this as a christening gift.

I’m suspicious these item could have come from a canteen - and seperated at a later date.

I’d be greatful for any information of it’s provenence or age.

Many thanks to your superior knowledge!

This seems to not allow my pictures
(I will keep trying)

But to discribe it; It is W,H, an Owl, a loin, the letter P in an ornate design, and a ladies head.
Thank you for your patience

difficult to say but could it be??
WH makers mark
Owl = panter head
loin - lion passant (brittish silver mark)
Ladies head - tax mark, queen Victoria
P - date letter
try to post picture then we can see if my guess is correct.