Cigar Holder Hallmark Help

I actuality I don’t know if it is even british for sure but because I can not identify the exact markings and I am not knowledgeable in this area. I believe it is british because of the lion passant and perhaps Sheffield because of the crown, This is an item I received from my mom who owned an antique shop and was fond of british and european antiques. It appears that the crown with the “X” resembles the sheffield date code marking but in a different orientation. Any help in identifying theese hallmarks would be greatly appreciated.

Cigar Holder Picture

Hallmarks Picture

are you sure its silver? Look like pewter to me

In person it definitely looks like silver. It is also silver soldered inside (made from two halves). It also bears the sterling silver Lion Passant with the face forward indicading it wasa made prior to 1822. The hallmark with the crown and “X” looks like Sheffield 1797
I can’t figure out the “A” with the flower which might be a rose.

This is certainly not a British silver hallmark and the lion passant here does not necessarily therefore represent sterling silver. It does not conform to any silver marking standard which I recognise so I really cannot give you any information about it. The marks appear to be crisp and well defined so I would suggest a recent date, probably from the latter part of the 20th century, or even this century.

the lion passant is a unicorn. Question answered ad 925-1000
It is pewter.

For our readers the identificaton on is that this is pewter and made by the company Alchemy of England

Great! Thanksfor all the great info, really appreciate it. Happy New Year!