Cohannet Silver Co.


I’m new here…but was trying to find out some information about a tea set that was passed down thru the years from my Mother who is now deceased.In her years ,she was believed that the tea set was pewter.I am wondering if this information is wrong.I have a teapot,creamer,sugar dish and spoon holder.On the bottom of each set is the following

Cohannet Silver Co.

Any information you can tell me about either this set or where I might look to find out more info would be so greatly appreciated.


Hi, Donna, and thanks for joining us on silver-collector. Your tea set is American and silver plated, as “quadruple” means it was plated four times to provide a heavier silver coating on the base metal, which is probably copper or brass. I can’t find any information on the company, but many small makers in that area were consolidated into the International Silver Co. in the late 1890s. The “835” is most likely a pattern number.

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Uncle Vic

Hi Vic

Thanks for the info…I did look into the International Silver Co.and received an email from them telling me that they bought Cohannet in 1986…I also have sent out several emails to auction houses to see if they know of anything…it would be nice to be able to date the set and even get a value…this has been in my family for as long as I can remember…mind you my mom always thought it was pewter…so I figure I am one step ahead…

Thanks again

Donna - I ran “Cohannet” in both current and completed on ebay and got nothing, likewise it is not listed on the site. As a last resort (probably nowdays should be the first) I did a Google search on “Cohannet silver” and got some hits both on ebay and otherwise. The company seems to date back to at least 1906 with a magazine ad from that year for sale on ebay. The company appears to have made good quality silver plated holloware and some jewelry. Do the Google and you will get about as much as is out there, including the fact that there is a street named “Cohannet”, thus probably the name of the company…

I’d estimate your tea set is probably worth about $200 on today’s market.

Thanks again for joining us.

Uncle Vic