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Confusing hallmarks?

This piece of my grandmother’s has a right facing lion and a letter B stamped on it. But it also has sterling stamped on it as well. I thought if it had a lion it should not have the sterling stamp. Is it a repro or something? Thanks for any information you can give!

This appears to be a Dutch hallmark. B is the date code for 1886. You can find out more about Dutch hallmarking at

The fact that it is also stamped Sterling may indicate that it was exported to somewhere like the USA where the use of “sterling” was the convention.

Hello ,

That is a Dutch siler mark for 835 grade silver, use after 1953.

Ah, yes, I can now see there is a 2 at the bottom of the lion, so definitely post 1953 and not 1886 as I suggested.

Thank you so much for your help!

I looked at the website (which is very helpful -thank you) and you are right about it being exported. The sight said that the key behind the lion indicates it was made for export. So that would explain the sterling stamp. But it also said that after 1953 the arabic 2 was replaced by roman numeral II. Does that mean it really is from the late 1800’s, or am I misreading it?

No, you weren’t misreading it - we were, so it is probably 1886.