Cooper Brothers & Sons Tea Pot & Jug

Hello! I’ve got a Cooper Brothers & Sons tea pot and jug that I am interested in selling but don’t really know that much about it’s history/provenance. I tried looking up the history of Cooper Brothers online but didn’t get very far.

Both pieces have a hallmark on the bottom that states:

Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd., Sheffield England, silver plated, EPBM, VICTORIA H

Both pieces have bearded faces on their spouts. The tea pot spout finishes in the form of a hawk or eagle head, and also has a cheery little bird perched on the hinged lid. Both pieces have scalloped bodies and flared bottoms. They have curved handles and embellished feet.

Does anyone out there know anything about the age/style/history of these pieces and a ballpark of what they might be worth?

Apologies for the tarnish! I just found these in storage.

silver 5.JPG
silver 2.JPG
silver 1.JPG