Crown stamp with RH within???

HI, I have a silver donkey - at least i think its silver - that has a triple crown stamp with the initials RH within it, This is the only stamp it has!, Could anyone tell me anything about it or the hall mark or stamp. Regards.

Unless it has a full British hallmark (which your donkey does not), or has some other indication of silver quality such as 925 or Sterling, it is highly unlikely to be silver. I do not recognise the mark from your description but a picture would give us a chance of identifying it.

I am really interested if you found the answer to this as I have a rearing horse with the same mark. I am not sure if it is silver (it is very heavy) as looks very dull and black in the imprints on the horse (coat and mane). It is very detailed. Did anyone find an answer? Thank you.